Wedding Makeup Ideas – Simple Classy Reception Look

If you are looking for wedding makeup ideas you have come to the right place. In this video pro makeover artist Meenakshi Dutt shows you a simple yet classy reception look on a beautiful bride.

The bride is wearing a gorgeous pink dress with intricate embroidery. The makeup complements the dress and adds to the charm of the bride.

This bridal reception makeup is minimalist and classy. Hope you will like it. Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Makeup Artist: Meenakshi Dutt

Take care!

Audio Credit :
YouTube – Creation Tools – Audio library – Track – Keep Dreaming
Title – Keep Dreaming
Contributing Artists – Topher Mohr And Alex Elena
Album – YouTube Audio Library


  1. Tara ni

    Very beautiful make-up. By the way.. how about the clothe the model is
    wearing. Where can I buy it? is it available in the UK?

  2. sonu krishnan

    the eyeshadows are not mixed properly,…………odd colour
    lipstick………too much of glitters. ………..It is not proper at all.
    ….I can make up better then this…..


    looks like a dancer makeup..trying to hide imperfection by putting
    glitter..and applying dark shades at last ..doosarron ki videos se seekho

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