Sukha & Jasmeet | Surprise Engagement Performance

Jasmeet thought she would be surprising her guests with her part of the performance, but really, Sukha, along with his family and friends, surprised her!

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  1. Jasan Sekhon

    Best best best best best waheguru chardi kala ch rakhe veer very good too
    many time watch this video still feel more watch

  2. Gopi Dhillon

    I think this video watch 100 time
    Fr be dil ne bhrda
    Bt Munda apni mom te daddy nu eshara kr k side kr dida a

  3. Nirob Shahriar

    I recently had break up with her…and then I saw this video…seriously I
    can’t explain how much relieve I get every time I watch this..I watch this

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