1. sirajsiru poonkudi

    ലൈഫ് ഈസ് സോ ബ്യൂട്ടിഫുള്‍… എന്‍ജോയ് ഇറ്റ്♥

  2. Dadagiri Steven

    After watching this video, I feel that I have landed in some Central
    African countries like Mosambique, uganda or kirgistan. “Kopraayam”
    allathenthu parayaan.

  3. Simp F

    family is everything to each one of us in this world Fasil sir. But freedom
    and independence to do what we want also matters in each relationship.
    Nazriya shouldn’t be tied up to a chair because of marriage. We as her fan
    want her come back… and that too not restricted to act only with Fahad

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